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Refrigeration up to $350 cash back

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Eligible Appliances

Product Category Qualifying Product Cash Back Amount
442L or 522L Bottom Mount refigerator E442BLXFD5, E442BRWFD4, E442BRWFD5, E442BRXFD5, E442BRXFDU5, E522BRWFD5, RF442BLPW6, RF442BLPX6, RF442BRPW6, RF442BRPX6, RF442BRPUX6, RF522WDLX5, RF522WDLUX5, RF522WDRX5, RF522WDRUX5, RF522BLPW6, RF522BLPX6, RF522BRPW6, RF522BRPX6 $200
Side by side refrigerator RX611DUX1, RX628DW1, RX628DX1 $250
French Door refrigerator RF522ADW5, RF522ADX5, RF522ADUB5, RF522ADUX5, RF522ADUSX5, RF523GDUX1, RF605QDUVX1, RF610ADW5, RF610ADX5, RF610ADUB5, RF610ADUX5, RF610ADUSX5 $300
Intergrated refrigerator RS90A1, RS90AU1 $350