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Column - 5 Year Extended Manufacturer's Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the promotional offer?

Purchase a selected Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator or Freezer from a participating retailer during the Promotional Period to be eligible to receive a five year parts and labour Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of purchase. The Promoter will (at its discretion) repair or replace any part of the product which is found to be defective within five years from the date of purchase, without cost to you for parts or labour.

Q2. When & where is the promotion running?

Promotion runs from 09 July 2019 to 31 December 2020.

Q3. What are the Qualifying Products?

This promotional offer is only available on Qualifying Product(s) as detailed in the table below:

Integrated Column Qualifying Product
Vertical Freezers RS4621FLJK1, RS4621FRJK1, RS6121FLJK1, RS6121FRJK1, RS7621FLJK1, RS7621FRJK1
Refrigerators RS6121SLK1, RS6121SRK1, RS7621SLK1, RS7621SRK1

Q4. How do I claim my Extended Manufacturer's Warranty?

To claim your three year extension on the two year parts and labour Manufacturer's Warranty, you must enter the promotion online here. You will receive a confirmation email advising you of your unique claim code.

Q5. How do I submit a copy of my proof of purchase?

Proof of purchase must be uploaded to your online claim form. You can provide us with your proof of purchase by scanning or taking a photo of your proof of purchase and uploading it with your claim form. All images must be legible. Please ensure that you retain your original proof of purchase.

In order to validate your claim we require your proof of purchase to be in focus & legible and it must clearly show:

  • Customer name (must match the customer name on the claim form)
  • Date of purchase
  • Store Name, including address (address not applicable if purchased online)
  • Invoice number
  • Details of qualifying products including model number & the price paid (excluding any additional charges eg warranty costs)
  • Qualifying Product(s) have been paid for in full during the promotional (with the exception of products on backorder - refer to question 8).
  • Total invoice amount

If proof of purchase requirements are not met above your claim will be declined and you will then be required to submit a new online registration form with the correct information.

Q6. What are the requirements for the claim form?

When registering your claim you must supply the following information:

  • Contact details - name (which must match the customer name on the proof of purchase), address, and daytime contact phone number.
  • Product code(s) & serial number(s) of your qualifying product(s)
  • Copy of your proof of purchase - a receipt/tax invoice indicating date of purchase, store (including address) invoice number, details of qualifying products including model number, the price paid (excluding any additional charges eg warranty costs) and total invoice amount.

Q7. Can I mail in my redemption form?

No - redemption for this promotion is online only.

Q8. My product is on backorder. Should I still enter?

Yes, if a Qualifying Product(s) is on backorder or 'out of stock', a deposit on that product must be paid during the Promotional Period to be eligible for this bonus offer. Full payment and receipt of the products (and therefore access to the serial number) must occur before 31 March 2021 in order for the customer to claim this offer.

Q9. Will products purchased from commercial (trade) or wholesale suppliers be accepted?

No, purchases made from commercial or wholesale supplier are not eligible for this promotion.

Q10. I have an eligible product under a rental agreement. Am I still eligible to enter?

Yes. Products under rental agreements with a minimum period of no less than 18 months are eligible for this promotion. To qualify, a rental agreement must be established during the promotional period. Proof of rental agreement must be submitted with your online entry to this promotion and must clearly detail the qualifying model(s) purchased, date of establishment of rental agreement and the rental term. Products under rental plans with rental terms less than 18 months are ineligible to claim for this promotion.

Q11. It has been 45 days since I submitted my claim and I have not received my approval email. What should I do?

Please contact us and provide your 12 digit unique code (found in your confirmation of entry email) so we can follow up your claim.

Q12. How do I book a service under the Extended Manufacturer's Warranty?

If your claim for this promotion is approved, you will receive an approval email advising you of the period of the five year parts and labour Manufacturer's Warranty, as well as your 12 digit unique promotion code. Should the need for a service arise, please call customer care on 1300 650 590 and quote the 12 digit unique promotion code.