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Please complete all mandatory fields in the below form to claim your cash back. Online redemption closes January 31, 2021 after which no further claims will be accepted. Please read the FAQs and Terms & Conditions before entering this promotion.

Purchaser Details

The first and last name you enter on the claim form below must match the name on your invoice.

Address Details

This is the address the appliance is or will be installed.

Purchase Details

To participate in this promotion you must have paid for your qualifying appliance/s in full.

Qualifying Product

For this section you will need your serial number and five digit product code. If you need help locating your five digit product code or serial number please click here.

Product code is a 5 digit number or a 5 digit number with a letter. Examples: 12345 or 12345-A. Need help locating your product code? Click here »
Need help locating your serial number? Click here »


For your claim to be approved your proof of purchase must be legible and clearly show the following:

  1. Date of purchase
  2. Store name and address
  3. Customer name (must match the customer name on this claim form)
  4. Model/s purchased and the amounts
  5. Invoice number
  6. Invoice total

You can provide us with your proof of purchase by:

  1. Scanning your proof of purchase & save as a PDF.
  2. Take a photo of your proof of purchase from your smartphone & make sure it is in focus & legible

The maximum file size limit is 5MB and the only files that are accepted are PDF or images.


To view an example proof of purchase please Click here

Please Note: If we can't read or see your proof of purchase clearly or it is missing information we require listed above, your claim will be declined and you will be required to submit another claim.

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